Blade and Soul (EU)

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Blade and Soul - a great MMORPG, plunges his players based in eastern mythology, a wonderful fantasy world.
The graphics of the game can compete in quality with many movies and gameplay captures the first minutes and does not let go even for many hours, allowing to get there in an indescribable atmosphere of magic and adventure, in a world where there is a place of honor and valor and buy gold playbns.V game has 4 different races: Gon, Lyn, Jin and Kun; and the eight classes with different interface elements and mehanikoy.U each character - eight basic skills. Other abilities are only needed to improve those skills.
All classes are humanoids: the most human-like - a gin; Coon - a race entirely comprised of a fragile appearance of girls; Lin - halflings with tails and ears; Well, gon - typical of "strongmen" - the giants with big muscles and muskulami.Dostupnye classes: destroyers, swordsman, ninja, pugilists itp
For each class the game offers its own style of play.

Destroyers are applied slow, but crushing blow; master of kung fu - fast beat and extremely resourceful; swordsmen - effectively parry the attack, waiting for the moment to strike a powerful blow; Ninja - covertly preparing for the dastardly attack from the back.
Generally in Blade and Soul combat system is comparable with a fighting game because of its versatility and convenience. Avtopritselivanie itself allows you to attack the nearest enemy, and then you create a combo of tricks-line and use them to effectively crush the enemy!
But, of course, the game is not only pleases the combat system, but also a large set of quests and adventures. Here she is able to compete with the recognized leaders of the genre. Communication with the characters and the non-linearity performance of tasks increases the interest in this role-playing game many times, and even interest the creation of new accounts to try - and how it will turn out if to begin a new life?

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