Lineage 2 Classic Euro

More recently, and more specifically this summer in Korea NCSOFT released a so-called re-release of the legendary MMORPG Lineage 2 Euro. Republication is a classic line of the most ancient chronicles, namely the first and is called Lineage 2 Classic Euro. Soon it will be a Russian version of the game, now you do not have to look frishki a Java platform, and experience the feeling of nostalgia and former hardcore on the official server.

Following the classics, you have the opportunity to play and buy Lineage 2 Adena classic Euro for a few games available for classes: orcs, dark elves, bright elves, dwarves, and of course people. Any of the classes will be available to play from the start of the official Russian server to server. If you are an old fan of Lineage 2 Euro, you probably know that the game offers a variety of classes. Each race offers two kinds of basic classes with magical abilities and physical abilities. But all this does not apply to the gnomes, there classes are distributed on mineral resources and Kraft.

All in the game 31 class, each of which will be to develop a second profession. If you have played in Lineage 2 from 4 chronicles or Interlude, do not worry, the introduction of 3 trades happen a little later, with the following additions. First profession appears to reach level 20 as an opportunity to take a second profession appears when your spells will reach 40.

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